Rapid Results Dog Training
Off leash results in 6 weeks or less!

Training Program

I love dogs. Always have and always will. I enjoy training them. And because of my affection and admiration for them, I think that training should be as much fun as it is effective.

                     Charlie, Jake, Ron, and Sadie

Having said that, I believe that some trainers, probably the majority of them, love dogs so much that they truly believe dogs should (and can) be trained with positive reinforcement techniques alone. In other words, they believe that dogs can be trained effectively and reliably without any corrections whatsoever. This may be true in a perfect world, but unfortunately, we and our dogs live in the real one.

My techniques are designed to give you a well behaved and well trained dog in real world situations. The training takes place in your home and neighborhood and even in parks if they are nearby. In other words, I train your dog through the distractions he is likely to see in everyday life.

                  Ron's dog Jake having fun in the woods

Many training facilities offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced training courses. With my training, I take your dog from untrained to advanced in as little as 4 weeks.  In nearly every case (with the exception of extremely aggressive dogs) I can have your dog walking with you at heel, off leash, reliably, in less than 4 weeks.

So when you're shopping for a trainer (a good idea) be sure to ask what kinds of results you can expect, and how long it should take to get them. Also ask if the trainer is willing to show you how well trained his or her dog is in any environment -- for instance, in your front yard. That's what we do at Rapid Results. And we do it for free!

     Jake just hanging out

With the Rapid Results program all aspects of basic obedience are covered. Your dog will sit, heel, down, stay and come on recall, off leash, reliably, after four weeks of training. Other behavioral problems like excessive barking, digging, jumping up on people, and attacking the door when the mailman comes, are also covered. This course is designed to transform your dog and to reassure him of his proper place in your family.

Many dogs, without proper guidance (knowing the house rules and understanding and complying with basic obedience commands) will shoot for the stars and try to establish themselves as the leader of the pack. It is this pack mentality -- the dog's natural tendency to try to rise in the ranks, or in some cases, his confusion about just what's expected of him -- that often makes life with our valued and loved pets so difficult. 

So call now at (216) 392-3378 or email TravlinTrainer@aol.com to take the first step in developing the relationship with your dog that you've always wanted.