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           The Ten Commandments of Dog Training

                                         By Ron Dorazio

                                  Rapid Results Dog Training

1. Lavish praise on your dog when he does as asked. Don't be half-hearted about it; dogs can tell the difference.

2. Correct timing is imperative. Dogs must be shown the error of their ways or their poor compliance to obedience commands at the very time these events occur. To correct a dog after the fact would confuse him as to what he's being corrected for.

3. Always, and I stress ALWAYS, be consistent in your training. Never, for instance, give your dog a command that you can't or won't enforce. It only causes your dog to think he doesn't have to do as you say.

4. Remember that all dogs, large and small, are pack animals, and as such have a pack mentality. To be comfortable and happy, your dog must know his position in the pack (in this case, your family). Obedience training is your best tool to establish this for him. Without it, he may very well assume that he is the Alpha dog (the pack leader). And if he is permitted to get away with improper behavior, why should he think any different?

5. Never train a dog when you are angry. It won't be fair to the dog and it probably will do more harm than good.

6. It is best to teach your dog to stay off furniture. Doing otherwise would encourage him to think he's an equal pack member.

7. When you feed your dog, have him sit and wait until you tell him it's okay to eat. Again, this helps establish his position in your family.

8. Do not expect your dog to think like a human. During training, try to think more like he does so you can help him understand what is expected of him.

9. If you don't want your dog to beg while you are eating, never feed him from the table.

10. Treat your dog with love and respect (and firmness when necessary) and you will be rewarded many times over with a happy, loving, obedient dog.