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Although we here at Rapid Results Dog Training believe we are the best choice to help your dog to become the obedient and well behaved pet that you know he can be,  we offer the valuable information below to help you make this important decision.

How to Choose a Professional Dog Trainer!

By Adam G. Katz

Copyright 1999 By South Bay K-9 Academy


A free consumer awareness message from South Bay K-9 Academy

This was a FREE, 2 minute consumer awareness message sponsored by South Bay K-9 Academy, that we advertised in various Yellow Pages books, in Southern California.

Due to time constraints, we decided to put this message on the internet, so that dog owners in other parts of the country can benefit from this information, too!

I’m about to reveal what you must know in order to intelligently choose a professional dog trainer.

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Okay, let’s begin.

1.) Versatility— A good dog trainer will use techniques and training styles which are compatible with your dog’s temperament. Every dog is different, and some dogs respond better to certain approaches. What works for a Rottweiler won’t necessarily work for a Poodle.

2.) Experience— I know people who have been driving an automobile for 30 years and still can’t parallel park! And dog training is the same way! Don’t measure a dog trainer’s skill by his number of years in the profession. Instead, judge a trainer by what he has done in the ‘Dog World,’ rather than how long he has been doing it.

3.) Cost— When you pay for training, make sure you are paying for results... not for a specified number of hours or sessions. Good dog trainers know that every dog (and owner) is different. Some need more time to learn than others.

4.) Avoid Group Classesveb>— I’ve never seen a dog that is 100% reliable come out of a group class. When professional dog trainers train their own dogs, they never do it in a group setting. It’s always one-on-one. There are just too many distractions for a new dog in a group class.

5.) How Much Should You Expect To Pay For a Good Dog Training Program: Expect to pay between $400 and $1200. A good dog trainer will sometimes have a waiting list of dog owners who want to work with him. Your goal should be to work with the best dog trainer you can find, not to haggle over the price. And ivevirtually all cases that we’ve seen, the dog trainers who are charging bargain basement prices are the ones who you probably don’t want to be working with in the first place. It’s better to spend your money intelligently on a top-notch dog training program in the first place, than to waste your money chasing a bargain, and then have to pay more money for a good dog trainer somewhere down the line.

6.) Ask for a Free Consultation: You don’t need to pay a dog trainer to take a look at your dog. This should be done for free. And besides, you don’t want to pay money to meet a dog trainer, and then have to decide whether you want to work with him!

7.) Should You Send Your Dog Away To Be Trained? No. The idea of doikennelings largely a scam predicated on kenneling the dog so that the dog training company can charge you even more money. For example, as a skilled dog trainer, I can train your dog, and get him responding in a very impressive manner, in about two days. But when I giveveim back to you, he’s going to say, "I’ve never had to do anything you say before! Why should I start now?" It’s just like driving. I can build you a fantastic sports car, but if you don’t learn how to drive it, it won’t get you from point A to point B. You must find a dog trainer who will teach YOU how to train YOUR DOG!

8.) Should You Have A Dog Trainer Come To Your Home? No. It’s going to work much better if you learn to train your dog in a neutral territory.

9.) Why You Should Avoid the big, chain pet store dog training programs: Because in most cases, the dog trainers you’ll encounter have only 2 to 3 months experience, and have been recruited through a newspaper ad. Dog training is both an art and a science. There is no way that you can become a professional dog trainer without apprenticing with several experienced dog trainers, with varied backgrounds, over an acceptable period of time. Stay away from the large pet store dog training programs.

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More on selecting a professional dog trainer


Sit Means Sit Dog Hassenng for the Real World
By Fred Hassen

Looking for a dog trainer? I get lots of calls from people who are "just looking around" or "price shopping." The first thing I do with those people is commend them for shopping around and comparing.

Remember a few things, though. First, anybody can tell you just about anything over the phone. Talk is cheap. You need to know that they are going to be able to get the job done with your particular dog, and more importantly -- are YOU going to be able to maintain the training? After all, it's your dog.

One of the things that I recommend is that whenever possible, it's always nice to see the dog trainer's dog perform, and preferably around your environment, not theirs. It's really nice to see if the dog trainer's own dog can perform reliably in strange environments. If their own dog can't do that, anskepticalll themselves a trainer .... I'd be a little skeptical when they tell you that your dog will be able to perform reliably, also. Read all about my girl, "Maddy" -- the poster girl for sound, effective training by a qualified professional.

Bad mouthing other trainers is definitely a sign to look out for. They are there to show you what THEY can do, and any hesitancy to have you also check someone else out should not be tolerated. It's your dog, and your final decision.

Some trainers charge a fee for an evaluation, and some do not. I've personally never believed in charging for one, but that is a decision that you will have to make.

A lot of different trainers do things a lot of different ways. It's wise to at least hear them out, and see the results of what they might perform for you in the demonstration. After all, whatever you are presently doing may not be working. You also need to know that the method they are using will work with your dog. You may want to ask if they will give you a demonstration. We have no problems giving one, but other trainers may. No harm in asking, though.

It's also good to ask the trainers if they have any sort of "follow-up" program. If they do, will there be some sort of charge for it? "Price" is usually a relative thing. It may end up costing you three times as much, if the first couple of people that you hire aren't able to get you the results that you're looking for. Results are what you are after, and the length of time the trainer has been training is irrelevant if he or she hasn't been getting results all that time. Some people have been driving a car for 25 years, and still can't parallel park.

Another good thing to do is to talk to people that you see with a trained dog. Perhaps they can recommend someone. Some people offer classes, and some people only do one-on-one. Some do both. It's just really good to see what is offered out there, and to meet the people, and to then make an educated opinion once you have done that. Smart shopping always wins in any arena.

So with that said we here at Rapid Results Dog Training hope that you will give us the chance to provide the best and most reliable training in the area. Please call us at 216.3923.3378 to set up an appointment for a free consultation and demonstration.